As the French market leader in technical polymer distribution, POLYMIX is in unique position to “uncover innovation”. For 20 years, POLYMIX has displayed unique industry knowledge and a multitude of skills in the marketing of thermoplastic materials.

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Polymix Headquarters

Telephone Tel. +33 3 89 20 13 80
Fax. +33 3 89 20 13 89

2, rue de Vienne

Polymix Oyonnax

Telephone Tel. +33 4 74 81 88 32
+33 4 74 81 88 97

7 rue François ROCHAIX
F-01100 OYONNAX,

POLYMIX has successfully combined a unique set of specialties in the area of transparent plastics and technopolymers. Our large range has helped establish POLYMIX as a specialist distributor of technical materials.

As well as this, today POLYMIX offers so-called “volume” products and a range of commodity plastics and polymer modifiers.

Always in touch with our partners around the world, POLYMIX provides you with cutting-edge market-leading products.

Our range of products:

  • Technopolymers
  • High-tech polymers
  • High-heat polymers
  • Transparent materials
  • Elastomers
  • Green Plastics
  • Commodity Plastics
  • Polymer modifiers