For interior, exterior and even under hood, AMP POLYMIX offers a wide choice of materials, perfectly suited for a wide range of parts for the automotive sector.

Under the Hood

From ABS to PBT and fibre-glass or carbon reinforced materials, we have a range of materials suited to different parts under the hood:

  • Filling tubes systems (Pre-Elec from PREMIX)
  • Engine accessories
  • Air system parts
  • Fuel system (PA6FV – PA66 from EPSAN )
  • … and many others

These materials are used by the largest global car manufacturing groups.

They meet the specific demands of this sector:

  • Contact with hot oils (PA6-66 from DOMAMID, HCP from DOMO)
  • Contact with hydrocarbons (PA6T, PA9T and PA10T – THERMEC N from DOMO)
  • Metal replacement (PEKK and PEK from GHARDA)
  • Chemical resistance (PBT from CCP)
  • High temperature resistance

Interior parts

  • PP and Recycled ABS from MBA Polymers are recognized materials in the Automotive industry, and are used for various storage boxes, cable and support applications
  • POLYLAC ABS from SHIMEI providers lower emissions of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Reinforced and non-reinforced PRE ELEC from PREMIX based on HDPE for fuel supply hoses and fuel tank neck (injection blow molding) as well as the supply cap (injection molding)

External parts

  • Recycled PP – PC for front / rear fenders
  • PMMA – PC for transparent areas / light covers