DIC Corporation (www.dic-global.com/eu/en/products/pps/) is a Japanese chemical group present in 60 countries, employing more than 20,000 people across 174 sites.

Its Solid Compounds division is one of three world leaders in the field of PPS, and has been producing the DIC.PPS compound since 1976 (total capacity 40 000 t/year across 4 sites) as well as basic resins (total capacity of 23 000 t/year across 4 plants).

Following the purchase of PPS Primef in 2011, they expanded the range of compounds they offer.

In Europe, their sales office has been based in Düsseldorf (Germany) for more than 30 years. A compounding plant was set up in Vienna (Austria) in 2013 and a technical center opened at the end of 2015 in Frankfurt (Germany).

They offer all types of PPS compounds (cross-linked or linear resin), impact modified grades, alloys, as well as many specialty products: friction and heat resistant and non-halogenated products, epoxy adhesives, products with improved CTI or with long fibers and many more.

The Europe sales and marketing team also relies on a network of local distributors. From May 2017 onward, distribution of the entire range of compounds (DIC. PPS and Primef) for France, Benelux and North Africa was contracted to AMP Polymix.

Over the past five years, the POLYMIX AMP Group(www.ampxgroup.com), now headed by Julie Fath-Leguillier, has stepped up its international expansion. Active for more than 35 years on the French market in a highly competitive environment, the Group is now taking its formula for success to other countries.

After expanding to North Africa and the Benelux countries, in 2016 the Group opened offices on the Iberian Peninsula with AMP Iberia as well as in the Balkans with POLYMIX Adria. Next step, Romania.

Now focusing particularly on technical polymers, the Group hopes to achieve a turnover of 100 million euros by next year.

DIC Europe: Philippe Matray AMP: Isabelle Cornation

Tel: + 33 966 91 33 41 Tel: + 33 474 81 21 97

Mobile: + 33 674 99 62 98                                                     Email: icornaton@amp.fr

Email: philippe.matray@dic.eu